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What is St. Croix Valley Youth Court?


Eligibility requires that you meet the following conditions:
-First time offender
-Age 12 to 17
-Citation was for theft, possession of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, trespassing, disorderly conduct, disobedience to officer, vandalism, simple battery, or curfew violation. (Occasionally other types of offenses are accepted.)
-You admitted guilt in open court.

Referrals to Youth Court must be made by the Judge for disposition purposes.

Youth Court is voluntary. Failure to successfully complete the Youth Court process will result in the remand of the case to the original court for disposition.

Youth Court is NOT a fact-finding court, it does not determine guilt. It only deals with dispositions (the sentence). Instead of having a judge determine what penalty to impose for the violation, a group of youth determine what sanctions the offender should perform. The focus is to repair of the harm done by the juvenile's acts. The goal is to assist the juvenile respondent in a better understanding of the effects of their actions. Imposed sanctions aid juveniles in recognizing the consequences of their actions and in rectifying their behavior. This process is carried out in an organized and supervised format.

The Youth Court Process You will go through

1. You must admit your guilt municipal court and be referred by the Judge.
2. You and your parent(s) will meet with the Youth Court Coordinator, either immediately or you might have to contact her to set up that meeting. The Coordinator will;
1. Check to make sure you qualify for Youth Court.
2. Ask you basic questions about the incident involving the citation.
3. Explain the Youth Court process to you.
4. Assigned a youth advocate who will act on your behave. (You might meet with this person immediately after this interview, sometime before the Youth Court hearing or just prior to your hearing.)
5. Explain the Youth Court Hearing to you.
6. Give you a date when you and parent(s) are to appear before the Youth Court.
7. Ask you and your parent(s) to sign a waiver form that allows Youth Court to access your police records (if there is need).
8. Answer any questions you might have.
3. You and your parent(s) will meet with your advocate, who will;
1. Talk to you about the incident.
2. Explain how the Youth Court hearing works.
3. Answer any questions you might have.
4. Help prepare you for the court session.
4. You and your parent(s) will attend the Youth Court Hearing, where
1. You and your parent(s) will swear an oath to tell the truth
2. You and your parent(s) will be asked questions by your advocate, the community's advocate and the jury
3. The Youth Jury will decide what sanctions are right for you in this case and explain why they choose those sanctions.
5. Post-hearing Sanctions Interview, where the coordinator explains how to go about completing the sanctions
6. When you complete the other sanctions, you have to be trained and serve as a jury member for one to three nights of Youth Court Hearings.
7. When all the sanctions are complete the Municipal Court will be notified and your citation will be dismissed.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please advise the clerk so a request can be given to the Judge at the time of your initial appearance.

If you decide to have your peers, through Youth Court, decide your sentence then you may wish to fill out the attached form. You do not have to do that now, you can do it at your leisure but it is useful to have when you meet with your advocate.