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Hudson Connection
City of Hudson
505 3rd Street
Hudson, WI  54016-1694
Ph: 715-386-4765
Fx: 715-386-0804

Planning is one of the responsibilities of the community development department.  The department administers Municipal Code Chapter 253 Floodplain Zoning and Chapter 255 Zoning as they relate to planning issues.

The department generally has the following duties:
  • advise individuals regarding contents of the chapters
  • issue permits as required
  • conduct inspections of land, buildings or structures
  • maintain documentation of issues addressed
  • maintain ordinances
  • process paperwork for developments and subdivisions 
  • preserve and protect the existing character of the neighborhoods
  • review development and redevelopment to provide orderly growth and the availability of necessary public services and utilities
  • maintain and update the Comprehensive Plan

The plan commission oversees the functions of the community development and planning departments.  The plan commission also reviews and advises the Common Council on all proposed amendments to Municipal Code Chapter 253 Floodplain Zoning and Chapter 255 Zoning, maps and text.  The community development director serves as secretary to the plan commission. 

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Dennis D. Darnold
Community Development Director
Contact Dennis
Ph: 715-386-4776
ext. 160
Fax: 715-386-3385

David Gray
Building Inspector/Asst Zoning Inspector
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Ph: 715-386-4775
ext. 132
Fax: 715-386-3385

Rhett Borner
Assistant Building Inspector/Asst Zoning Inspector
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Ph: 715-386-4775
ext. 147
Fax: 715-386-3385

Elizabeth Moline
Administrative Assistant
Contact Elizabeth
Ph: 715-386-4775
ext. 124
Ph: 715-386-4776
ext. 124
Fax: 715-386-3385

Amanda Roy
Contact Amanda
Ph: 715-386-4775
ext. 110
Ph: 715-386-4776
ext. 110
Fax: 715-386-3385